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Need a career switch for extra motivation?

A career switch can sometimes be a nice barrier. Because what exactly do you want to change? In this blog we explored why a career switch is sometimes necessary and how you can make the right choice. Do you want to change course or can a small change already mean a lot? Fortunately, the traditional career ladder is playing a smaller and smaller role. We challenge you to look further!

When is it time to consider something new?

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If you do work that suits you, you will get satisfaction from it. You also have goals to work towards: you are motivated and you are challenged. Satisfaction and goals are therefore important to feel good in your work. In short, you want to be proud of what you do!
Sometimes the job you once thought was ideal is now less satisfying. This is often due to your own development: your skills, passions and interests can change over time. Sometimes it’s the company: the company you work for has taken a different path that doesn’t suit you as well.

If you’re less happy at work, it’s time to think about change: time to create new possibilities!

What do you need to be truly happy at work?

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Many people are ‘satisfied’ with the job they have. However, sometimes something is wrong. For example, they have the feeling of standing still with their work, or even going backwards. Research shows that many people would seize a new career opportunity even if they weren’t actively looking. How’s that for you? List what you would need to feel satisfied about your work. This way you can look more specifically for a change in your work that suits you.
A few examples:

  • You want more contact with people.
  • You would like more responsibility.
  • You would like to learn something new.
  • You need more creativity.

Keep your skills up to date

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Are you happy with your job and do you want to grow further? Then it is important that your knowledge and skills are up to date. There are courses for many ‘skills’ to further develop yourself. How is that in your field? Consult with the company where you work to see what options are available. Developing yourself further in certain skills has a few advantages:

  • You are aware of important developments in your field.
  • The work you do is easier, better and more fun.
  • You create an opportunity to grow further in your position.

An additional advantage is that you show the company where you work that you are motivated.

Take your current career to the next level

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Do you really enjoy your work, but do you want to grow further? Then you can think of the following options:

  • Ask for more responsibility.
  • Take an education or course to improve your old skills, or to develop new ones.
  • Set realistic goals that you can work with yourself.

Growing in a way that suits you

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Ask yourself what you would most like to do in terms of work: without restrictions. Put aside all traditional ideas about work and career and focus on what you really want. Thinking about growth in this way is one of the steps you can take towards change. This mindset has two advantages:

  • You don’t think in limitations, but in possibilities.
  • You think about what you really want, instead of focusing on traditional career ideas.

Growing in a way that suits you can be done in many ways. How you realize that is very personal. For example, think of:

  • Another position at work to learn something new.
  • A career next to the work you already do.
  • Volunteering that appeals to you.

You come up with the best ideas with an open mindset.

Don’t focus on a career ladder

The career ladder has been pushed aside for a while. More and more people are opting for self-development: getting higher is less of a priority. So don’t be afraid to take a side path in terms of work. Not even if you can take a higher position instead! Learning and developing in a way that suits you will ultimately benefit you the most. At least in terms of job satisfaction, but often also in financial terms. After all, what comes from your heart is best for you. Not only do you notice this yourself, others see it too!

Being your own boss: do or don’t? The connection between career & motivation

Owning your own company appeals to the imagination of many people. Yet only a few dare to take the step. This is often for the following reasons:

  • A steady job provides stability.
  • To set up your own business, you have to invest.

Have you ever thought of starting your own business? And what stopped you then? If you often consider starting your own business, it is smart to list what is holding you back. The hurdles may not be as hard to overcome as you think.

Direct selling as a side path

One way to get acquainted with entrepreneurship is so-called ‘direct selling’. It means that you are a distributor for products that are not sold to customers from stores. So you sell exclusive products and you work flexibly. In addition, the entry costs of such a company are not high. This way you can see if entrepreneurship suits you.

Start your own Forever Living Business

One of my favorite pics with Aloe Vera Gel, the star product from Forever!

Direct selling is also known as ‘network marketing’. The idea is that products of a certain brand are sold to end users, without the intervention of a store. The sellers of the product are small business owners who each work as a distributor. Forever Living also offers this opportunity. You then work in the following way:

  • You sell a range of Forever Living products that appeals to you.
  • You provide your own personal customer service to ‘end users’ or customers.
  • You will be supported through training and marketing materials.

You can choose which products you focus on, such as:

  • Skincare
  • Essential Oil
  • Drinks
  • Supplements

Do you want to find out more about how to get more income and join a network marketing business?

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